{ News } Unggah Foto EXO Juarai Tangga Lagu, Chanyeol Tak Hargai Big Bang

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Setelah merilis album repackaged “EXODUS” yang berjudul “LOVE ME RIGHT“, EXO kini tengah gencar-gencarnya mempromosikan lagu utama dari album tersebut. Single yang berjudul sama dengan album itu kini telah mendapatkan tempat di hati para EXO-L (sebutan penggemar EXO).

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[Mag/Int] Men’s Style November Issue ━ CHANYEOL

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Which member do you most want to be reincarnated into?

Men’s Style: You’ve debuted for a year now, the feeling you give to us is that where each member is growing and improving all the time, so, what do you think is your biggest change?
Chanyeol: My expressions are much more natural on variety shows and broadcasts now~ To be honest, when we first debuted, I didn’t know how to do it so a number of thoughts passed through my mind yet I was still unable to express any of them but now I’m really a lot better! ^^

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[Mag/Int] Men’s Style November Issue ━ ΒAEKHYUN

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What would you do when you meet problems?

Men’s Style: We know that you want to be an all-rounded artiste, looking at yourself right now, which areas do you feel you are good at, which areas do you feel you need to work harder on?
BAEKHYUN: I am good at singing, but in terms of acting and entertainment, I still need lots of practice, and accumulate lots of experience~

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[Mag/Int] Men’s Style November Issue ━ SEHUN

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What is troubling him?

Men’s Style: Because you are the youngest, so you must frequently receive a lot of care and concern, what is the one time that touched you the most and is the most unforgettable?
SEHUN: I am someone who is frequently touched by trivial things, for example if I get injured, the other members will come over and help me apply medication etc, it is very easy for me to be touched by small things like these!

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[Mag/Int] Men’s Style November Issue ━ KAI

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Whose singing do you like listening to the most?
Men’s Style: I’m aware of the fact that you’re all quite busy at the moment, during your breaks though, what do you usually do? What sort of websites do you go on?
Kai: During breaks, I’m usually either listening to music or dancing, or I’m riding my bike or reading a book~ when I go online, I tend to look at news through Naver or go on Youtube~

[Mag/Int] Men’s Style November Issue ━ KRIS

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What is your personality like in daily life?

Men’s Style: Everyone thinks of you as a guy with a lot of fashion sense, if you had a chance to design your own clothing in the future, what kind of special ideas would you have?
KRIS: Clothing that is simple, low-key, but without losing details and adding on Wu Yi KRIS’ characteristic design ideas

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