AAHHH Jadi ini dia versi lengkap dari wawancara nya park Yoora tentang Chanyeol ~~~~ banyak banget sih versi yang beredar, , , harap maklum, fansite nya Chanyeol banyak banget dan masing menterjemahkan menurut mereka masing2 -__-

wawancara chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora

Recently in Instagram, this picture has been a surprise hot topic.

wawancara chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora.jpg2

It’s her announcer image conveying the comeback of the boy group ‘EXO’. When you look at it, it’s just normal news but when you know, it’s really an interesting situation.

The anchor conveying the news is EXO member, Chanyeol’s real older sister, YTN announcer, Park Yoora. Park announcer personally uploads the picture and relays her feelings saying “This day has come”.

Between fans, it has already been a famous superior brother and sister. Building a new career with YTN, Announcer Park Yoora personally met with YTN Star and she personally talks about her newsroom life and stories about her younger brother.

wawancara chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora.jpg3

◆ It’s been two months since working with YTN… “The feeling of relaying news about EXO was unusual”

YTN Star (Y) : Last April, you entered YTN as a rookie announcer, now it has been 2 months. How is the newsroom life?

Park Yoora Announcer (P): Among the companies that I have worked with, this has largest one. Since there’s a lot of people watching over me, somehow, I really felt the sense of responsibility. Since this is the first time that I’m doing it, it was really hectic but now I deliver the news between 2AM to 4AM. Somehow, It felt good that I’m a bit relaxed than relaying the news during the middle of the day.

Y: Now, your broadcast career is also packed, also, since your known as EXO Chanyeol’s noona, between your colleagues and seniors, I think you might have gain some attention.

P: At first, my seniors thought it was interesting. My seniors who have children said “My daughter likes EXO”.Since I quickly reminded them that “I’m his noona”, I think it was good. Including me, there’s 6 of us who joined the company at the same time. It’s really fun and nice that we have a group chat.

Y: When EXO came back and swept 8 music charts, you personally relayed the news. Please tell us your thoughts about it.

P: I knew that there was such report. But while I was doing the report, it was really funny. In there’s a picture of EXO, actually, the technical director was asking who’s the younger one and we matched it up that he was beside me. It was nice that I was able to relay the news with the friendly atmosphere. Especially, since it’s the YTN news channel that I really have wanted to come, even though it’s during daybreak, being the main anchor and relaying the news, I though that this day has also come.

Y: I think your parents must have been proud of you.

P: We have a group with my mom, younger brother, and I. During that day, my mom sent me a message. She very happy and it’s nice. I sent a capture of the news that day, I was laughing in the picture and I think he said “That’s must have been exciting”.

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 93

◆ “My younger brother Chanyeol is really pure… he knows how to care for others”

Y: Your younger brother is part of the group EXO and this time, they successfully made their comeback. Announcer Park, you have also joined the company you wanted to join and a lot of good events had come. Do you congratulate each other a lot?

P: Actually, we really don’t talk about each other’s work. When it wasn’t too long when EXO debuted, because my heart was fluttering, I talked about which song I liked but now just thinking that he’ll be doing well, that is how I cheer him on. This time, I told Chanyeol that I’ll switch jobs and he said that he’ll buy me a car.

Y: Is Chanyeol someone who frequently monitors your broadcasts?

P: Even though he wasn’t able to tune in, he’s someone who does well in sending a screen capture or a picture recommending a style. He says that I would if I wear this style, he thinks it would fit me better.

Y: Your done living in Busan and you have come to Seoul again. It’s good the you will be able to meet more frequently.

P: Until recently, when I was in Busan, I was able to see my younger brother during national holidays. Although now that I have come to Seoul, my younger brother goes back and forth from his dorm to their practice room, when he comes home, he sleeps for almost a day, we still can’t meet frequently. But I always care for him and think of him. (buahahaha ngakak jadi kerjaan chanyeol itu kalo pulang ke rumah tidur seharian)

Y: There was a time where Chanyeol complemented you in a radio broadcast saying “Noona is pretty”. Now, the noona should boast her younger brother’s best characteristics.

P: Uhmm… Chanyeol is really gentle. He seems like he’s coy but like an idiot, he’s kind. He knows how to flatter others and knows how to care for others. He’s not good at expressing what he doesn’t like. When you look at it, when he looks at a damage, he worries about what would be the outcome. He’ll be able to take care of it on his own, right? (laughs)

wawancara chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora.jpg4

◆ Park Announcer revealing a ‘Christmas memory’

Y: You know what we have asked you, right? Please reveal the younger image of the forever visual brother and sister to the YTN Star readers.

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 92

P: It’s not a lot but I brought some pictures from our album. First is a picture of us when we were one years old. Do you recognize who’s me or who’s Chanyeol? (laughs) Looking at it, it’s a picture wherein we really looked alike. At the left is me, and at the right is Chanyeol.

(Ah sumpah, kalo Yoora gak jelasin, aku kira 22 nya itu foto Chanyeol, jadi yang kiri itu yang digendong itu Yoora, yang kanan itu Chanyeol)

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 91

P: It’s a picture where I’m kissing my younger brother’s cheek… this is really a rare item, right? (laughs)

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 8

P: There’s a story to this picture. In a broadcast, Chanyeol was asked what was if he had an ‘Unforgettable Christmas” and he said that ‘My noona pulled Santa Claus’ beard and I knew it was my dad and my childlike innocence was broken”. Probably, it was during this time. I don’t remember grabbing the beard…I thought it was our dad with make up. Our father was doing an event business so he has that kind of make up and props.

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 9

P: It’s a picture that I really like. Compared to awhile ago, it’s a picture wherein we are a bit more older. I really liked this picture that I posted it in my bedside. If you take a close look of the picture, at the upper part, there’s a mark of a thumbtack.

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 94

Y: It’s right that you’re a forever visual brother and sister. Between you and Chanyeol, who do you guys resemble the most between your parents?

P: It’s a recent picture during an EXO concert. On the right is our mother. I think that we equally resemble both (of our parents).

chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora 7

Y: You’re brother and you have a 3 year gap. Did you not fight a lot?

P: When we were young, we fought a lot. When we both students, we both wore contact lenses. Chanyeol kept on taking my artificial tears that why we fought. We fought about such trivial things.

Y: On top of that, you guys live apart.

P: I wasn’t able to see Chanyeol because he started living in a dorm. Seeing him after a while, I was really delighted. There’s a time wherein we met after a year, during that time, when Chanyeol said that he’ll be coming home, I even skipped while going outside to greet him.

Y: It’s been 4 years since EXO has debuted. They had a lot of hit songs. Among those, what song do you like the most?

P: I like ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry the most. When I went to an EXO concert, the image of the fans singing along during Don’t Go really gave a strong impression to me.

wawancara chanyeol exo mother ibu family mother father ibu ayah kakak yoora.jpg5

◆ “Chanyeol and I with a different talent…actively supporting parents”

Y: Being an announce and a singer, without great skill, it’s a dream that cannot be achieved. During your childhood, I’m curious what influence did the two you had that you had those dreams.

Y: Our parents told us that we should try out whatever we wanted to and they supported us a lot. My younger brother said that he want to learn how to play a musical instrument and they sent him to an academy. I also said that I wanted to try out in becoming an announcer and I told my mom first that I want to attend an academy. For those, I always thankful.

Y: Actually, even if you didn’t become an announcer, I think you still might have received a lot offers to enter the entertainment business.

P: When I was a student, there are times that I received a business card from the people affiliated in the entertainment business but I wanted to focus more on studying. My younger brother is good with arts, music and physical education but I had an aptitude in memorizing and studying. I had the dream of becoming an announcer when I was in my third year of high school (last year of high school in Korea), my homeroom teacher recommended that I should try becoming an announcer. I actively looked over the announcements of debates during literature class.

Y: Now, while you’re doing activities as announcer, do you have a dream that you want to achieve or a genre that you want to partake on.

P: First of all, I want to gain more experience. I want to do well on what I’m in charge in and to satisfy their expectations.

Y: Working is good but you’re at the wherein you’re supposed do be dating. If you would reveal your ideal type?

P: I like someone who is gentle and sentimental. Among the celebrities, my ideal type is Seo Kangjun!


YTN Star reporter Kang Naeri (nrk@ytnplus.co.kr)

[Pictures: reporter Kim Sumin (k.sumin@ytnplus.co.kr)]

translated by: yeolliesmiles / https://twitter.com/yeolliesmiles

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