[News/pic] 131209 EXO’s Baekhyun, D.O, & Chen Talk About Confessing Their Feelings to the Opposite Sex

lee sora exo.jpga.jpgj

EXO appeared on KBS‘s radio program ‘Lee So Ra’s Music Plaza‘ on December 9 and talked about love confessions.  On the show, DJ Lee So Ra asked them, “Do you like to receive a love confession from a girl or to ask her out yourself?

Baekhyun, D.O, and Chen said, “We like to ask the girl out.  If you are a man, you must make the move.

DJ Lee So Ra then asked, “When was your last love confession?  Did you succeed?

Baekhyun responded, “I think it has been a couple years.  My love confession was not successful.  I don’t think I’m attractive,” while Chen replied, “Even if you confess your feelings, the success rate is not high.  Even if you are expressive, the other party does not get it completely.” 

D.O, on the other hand, revealed to every fan girl’s excitement, “I never really asked anyone out so I want to try it.

The DJ linked their words to EXO’s latest song “Miracles In December,” which is very emotional and romantic.  She said, “I think the song is more sorrowful because of your experiences.

Baekhyun’s doubts about his level of attractiveness is probably unfounded based on EXO’s immense popularity!  In addition, who might be the lucky girl to get a confession from D.O?  

lee sora exo


lee sora exo.jpg2


lee sora exo.jpg5


lee sora exo.jpg89a


lee sora exo.jpga


lee sora exo.jpga.jpg9


lee sora exo.jpga.jpgjia


lee sora exo.jpga.jpgjias


lee sora exo.jpga.jpgq


lee sora exo.jpga.jpgqs


lee sora exo.jpglo



lee sora exo.jpgq


lee sora exo.jpgrg


lee sora exo.jpgrt


lee sora exo.jpgt


lee sora exo.jpgw


Source: All-Kpop

pics: KBS



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