[Mag/Int] Men’s Style November Issue ━ SEHUN

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What is troubling him?

Men’s Style: Because you are the youngest, so you must frequently receive a lot of care and concern, what is the one time that touched you the most and is the most unforgettable?
SEHUN: I am someone who is frequently touched by trivial things, for example if I get injured, the other members will come over and help me apply medication etc, it is very easy for me to be touched by small things like these!

Men’s Style: Do you have any special hobbies? What kinds of things do you do at home that will surprise people?
SEHUN: I like to watch dance video clips~ I will also learn about fashion~

Men’s Style: In an interview, you said that you feel you are the most handsome when you step out of the shower, why?
SEHUN: Because I am really very handsome? Haha~ If there is a chance, I will take a picture for you all to see in the future~! Heehee!

Men’s Style: Pick a member who is the most perfect gege in your heart. As the youngest member, which gege likes to take care of you the most?
SEHUN: No matter what it is, the most perfect gege in my heart is leader SUHO ge~

Men’s Style: If you were the group’s ‘da-ge’ (eldest), who would you want to take care of the most?
SEHUN: I want to take care of every member, because our geges are softhearted, very pure~ So i want to take care of these geges!

Men’s Style: Your face is very skinny, and you’re tall, and look really good on screen, of course, you are very handsome in real life, you’re so perfect, is there anything that troubles you?
SEHUN: It’s hard for me to say it out~ Because there are quite a lot of things that are troubling me ㅠ_ㅠ I am working hard to improve in each of them~

Men’s Style: Amongst the members, is there anyone who will make you tell him ‘sorry’?
SEHUN: Tao?~~ Hahaha

Men’s Style: If you are able to fulfill one of your wishes now, what would you get that will make you especially happy?
SEHUN: I want to solve all of the things troubling me! But I’m still unable to say out these problems~ ㅠ_ㅠ Please understand~! Also, another thing is that our EXO members can be happy every single day!

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Speed Questions

What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
SEHUN: Showing your real self? But sometimes, the things that belong in your heart, things that ought to be hidden, should be hidden … … it’s still better to hide the things inside of you!

When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
SEHUN: Usually it’s about our promotion activities!

In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realise?SEHUN: I really wish to be able to hold EXO’s concert as soon as possible~ I want to be in a place and time where only EXO’s fans and the EXO members are and go crazy playing~!

When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
SEHUN: I’ve long agreed to go with LUHAN-ge to China and play~ He said that he will let me have fun playing~ So I’m now waiting~ Ke ke!

What type of men do you find it easiest to admire?
SEHUN: There’s nothing definite, from appearance, their head to the tips of their toes, I respect everybody’s way of living!

Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
SEHUN: I want to simply say one line! Everyone, please go with us till the end!

 source; 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
trans credit; amy @ exom-trans
please take out with full credits
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