Lu Han
Height: 178cm
Birthday: 1990-04-20
Horoscope: Aries
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, football, Rubik’s cube
Role in group: EXO-M’s lead singer, lead dancer, face.

Could you share with us which song is your favourite within the new album?
Within the album, the song that I like the most is “Don’t Go”, this is a song where upon listening to it you can hear the emotions very well. Above all it expresses the strong yearning we have for love, as well as how one conducts themselves when longing for happiness.

Right now cat boyfriends and dog boyfriends are very popular, which type do you think you are?
[Cat type] calm, smart, introverted, careful and detailed, lazy, stubborn, thinks too much.
[Dog type] hot blooded, exercise, extroverted, hardworking, careless, focuses on relationships and feelings.
A: I think that I come under the dog-type of boyfriend because I’m quite extroverted and ardent.

Q: Other than your own songs, what songs have you been listening to lately?
A: I tend to listen R&B songs, they’re quite like my personality – lighthearted.

Q: If you were to get a one month holiday, what would you most like to do?
A: If I really did have a month’s holiday, I’d want to go home and spend it with my mum and dad.

Q: What do you think is your biggest change in the new album?
A: I think that my hair is probably what had the biggest change this time round, it’s really different to my hairdo from the last album..

Q:  If you had a chance to act in a movie as the main male character, what kind of role do you hope it is?
A: I think that as long as it’s the male lead, I’d accept them all (laughs). I will do my best and act no matter what.

Q: How do you usually communicate with fans?
A: Normally when performing or when I’m at the airport, my method is very simple, it’s to smile brilliantly and wave to our fans.

source; doublebeef0206 + exosirius
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.


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