Height: 178cm
Birthday: 1991/10/07
Horoscope: Libra
Likes: Dancing, producing, writing songs
Role in the group: EXO-M’s lead dancer, sub-vocalist, in charge of instruments

We’ve heard that you are composing songs, what style of song do you write?
I frequently hum out impromptu melodies because of my feelings as well as my thoughts at any point in time, I’ll write it down and later in my free time I make a demo. I diligently keep all the songs that I’ve written up till now, I’m waiting for a fitting time to bring them out for you all to listen to.

Right now cat boyfriends and dog boyfriends are very popular, which type do you think you are?
[Cat type] calm, smart, introverted, careful and detailed, lazy, stubborn, thinks too much.
[Dog type] hot blooded, exercise, extroverted, hardworking, careless, focuses on relationships and feelings.
A: I feel that I am neither of those two types, I should be a ‘sheep type of boyfriend’, that kind of person who is gentle, likes to take care of people, and of course hopes to be taken care of many times as well. Also my temper is rather stubborn, a little rigid.

Q: Other than your own songs, what songs have you been listening to lately?
A: There’s more western music, and a little C-pop. The artists I enjoy the most are Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom and Fang Datong.

Q: If you were to get a one month holiday, what would you most like to do?
A: The previous holiday, I spent it with my family, this time I would like to go travel, to see the world outside.

Q: What do you think is your biggest change in the new album
A:  I feel that I’ve become more MAN, and I’ve matured in some areas, of course I have many inadequacies, I will continue to improve myself and make myself even better.

Q:  If you had a chance to act in a movie as the main male character, what kind of role do you hope it is?
A: I feel that as long as there is an opportunity to act, to me, it’s a chance to challenge myself. So I will seriously treat every single character given to me.

Q: How do you usually communicate with fans?
A: The place that I get to communicate the most with my fans is probably the airports and concert venues. As long as they are by my side, we will chat, I constantly worry about them squeezing, I’m scared that they will fall down.

source; doublebeef0206 + exosirius
trans cr; hyewon + amy@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.


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